Austin Agency Hunt, Gather Uses AI Magic for Personalized Santa Letters, Supports Girls Who Code

Austin Agency Hunt, Gather Uses AI Magic for Personalized Santa Letters, Supports Girls Who CodeSource: Unsplash / Zara Photo
Matt Mitchell
Published on December 09, 2023

Austin's very own Hunt, Gather is bringing a dash of digital to Santa's age-old tradition of letter-writing this holiday season. As reported by CBS Austin, the advertising and design firm has conjured up a nifty AI-based system, allowing anyone to request a personalized letter from Saint Nick himself. Dubbed Santa’s Magical Mailroom, the website crafts instant letters from the big man in red, aimed at delighting both the young and old with a sprinkle of Christmas cheer.

Up until December 17th, folks can submit details through a straightforward questionnaire, including prompts such as who the letter’s for, a notable memory from the year, and a beloved holiday tradition—transforming these snippets into a bespoke Santa-authored note. However, the letters aren't just for display, according to Axios, and each missive comes with a peppermint twist if so desired and is nestled in an envelope ready to make its way via snail mail.

Not just playing into the hands of holiday consumerism, Hunt, Gather, with its majority-female leadership, is channeling proceeds from this yuletide enterprise towards Girls Who Code. This non-profit organization dedicates itself to reducing the tech industry's gender gap and encouraging more women and girls to embark on tech-oriented careers. Lynna Bartosh, Hunt. Gather's executive creator emphasized alignment with building the future, as each letter comes with a suggested $20 donation to the cause.

The embrace of AI, as Ryan Delafosse, Hunt. Gather's Director of Strategy put it in his interview with Axios, as a way to shift perceptions about AI technology from fear to something more amicable, demonstrating its practical applications, particularly those that bring joy, draw smiles, and stoke the age-old embers of holiday traditions. Delving into the novelty, Hunt, Gather said "That in headlines sounds scary and there are all those legit concerns, but there's also simple, practical applications, like beautiful handwritten letters from Santa" bringing a touch of personalization and the scent of peppermint into living rooms, capturing the spirit of Christmas in a way only a letter from Santa can.