SF Man Cuffed With Cool $1.2K In Loot and Hot Gun In Colma Crime Spree

SF Man Cuffed With Cool $1.2K In Loot and Hot Gun In Colma Crime SpreeSource: Colma Police Department
Tony Ng
Published on December 04, 2023

In a brazen theft-turned-armed bust, a San Francisco man's shoplifting spree ended with a flurry of felony charges after Colma cops nabbed the perpetrator with a hot gun and a trunk full of stolen goods. The saga unfolded on Black Friday, when, at about 9:41 PM, officers rushed to a business on Junipero Serra Boulevard after getting tipped off to the theft.

Driving off in a white Dodge with loot estimated at a cool $1,263.76, the thief's run from the law was cut short after officers located the vehicle on a spot-on traffic stop. The male, identified by the business’ loss prevention, couldn't talk his way out of this one and found himself in cuffs for grand theft and burglary, according to the Colma Police Department.

But the plot thickened when officers came across more than just stolen merchandise during a search of the Dodge. Tucked near the front passenger seat, law enforcement found a loaded firearm with a high-capacity magazine; its shady lineage traced back to a theft report by the Kansas City Police Department. Adding to the weight of his wrongdoings, the man was already on probation with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, his criminal past catching up with him yet again.

The 30-year-old culprit, hailing from the streets of San Francisco, saw his rap sheet swell with a volley of new accusations: carrying a loaded firearm in public, possession of a stolen firearm, clutching a banned high-capacity magazine, concealing a weapon in his vehicle, handling ammunition while prohibited, and, as a felon, the audacity of having a firearm once more in his possession. After being carted off to San Mateo County Jail, this repeat offender's holiday bargain hunt ended with a hefty price tag on his freedom.