CHP Air Rescue Sweeps to Save Napa Hiker's Life Amidst Rugged Terrain

CHP Air Rescue Sweeps to Save Napa Hiker's Life Amidst Rugged TerrainSource: CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on December 10, 2023

In a daring mid-morning rescue operation, the California Highway Patrol's Golden Gate Division Air Operations swooped into action to save a distressed hiker amidst the rugged terrain of Moore Creek in Napa County. According to the CHP's Facebook page, the emergency unfolded as the hiker experienced a serious cardiac event, leaving them in critical need of medical attention far from the beaten path. In a display of swift coordination, CHP's H-30, AMR Napa County, and Cal Fire's LNU teams converged to bring the hiker to safety.

The precarious situation demanded air support, and H-30 was quick to respond, dispatching a crew member who was lowered to the hiker's location and expertly executed a hoist operation, lifting the individual from the treacherous trail to the relative safety of the Lake Hennessy Boat Ramp, where anxiety was high among the waiting emergency medical teams, the helicopter's blades sending tremulous waves over the water as the rescue unfolded. Napa County's AMR and Cal Fire personnel were primed and prepared to receive the stricken hiker, swiftly transferring them to a local hospital where their condition was declared serious.

This incident marks the fourth time this weekend that the H-30 has been called into action for a rescue in Napa County, highlighting the recurrent need for aerial rescues in the area and the relentless readiness of the rescue crews.