South SF Cops Collar Snoozing Suspect After Smashup Saga Knocks Out Pole, Batters Cruisers

South SF Cops Collar Snoozing Suspect After Smashup Saga Knocks Out Pole, Batters CruisersSource: South San Francisco Police Department
Eileen Vargas
Published on December 04, 2023

South San Francisco police successfully nabbed a 21-year-old suspected drunk driver after a brief but chaotic encounter that left two police vehicles damaged and a light pole down for the count. The bleary-eyed misadventurer from San Bruno was allegedly caught in slumberland behind the wheel of his Ford F150 at the intersection of Airport Boulevard and Miller Avenue, according to a statement released by the South San Francisco Police Department.

When officers attempted to box in the vehicle, the suspect's sudden awakening led to an attempted escape, ramming into assisting San Bruno PD cruisers. In the aftermath, the light pole at Grand Avenue and Miller Avenue found itself an unwitting victim in the suspect's crash course. Despite efforts to coax the young man out of his steel cocoon, cops were forced to shatter the passenger side window to extract him, as mentioned in the police department's online report.

The reckless driver was promptly stripped of his temporary autonomy and, following a quick once-over by South San Francisco Fire Department paramedics, carted off to San Francisco General Hospital. Post-medical all-clear, the perp was shuttled to the San Mateo County jail.

Despite the property damage and the frightening potential for injuries, or worse, responding officers managed to resolve the situation without any physical harm coming to the suspect or themselves. The South San Francisco Police Department heaped praise on all involved for their work in purging the threat from local roads. And a special shoutout was given to the San Bruno PD for their assistance, which proved critical in ensuring this dangerous driver didn't make it any further down the road.