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Published on December 09, 2023
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass Marks Year of Progress, Attracting Biden Visit and Advancing Citywide InitiativesSource: X/Mayor Karen Bass

As Mayor Karen Bass approaches her one-year mark at the helm of Los Angeles, her office has announced a series of accomplishments amidst welcoming President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to the city. The "Locking Arms and Delivering for Los Angeles" tour sought to underscore efforts made to tackle the city's homelessness crisis, bolster public safety, fuel business growth, foster a sustainable environment, and enhance municipal services, with the full summary of her first year's achievements made available on the official mayoral website.

Among the strides highlighted, more than 21,000 Angelenos have found shelter since last December, credited to an urgent strategy enacted by the mayor's office and which Bass tagged a product of unity and urgency. The administration has also sped up the development of over 9,000 units of affordable housing, a move linked to an executive directive aimed at cutting through bureaucratic barriers. "This year, we have confronted challenges before us with urgency and unity," Bass said in a statement, praising collective efforts for the headway in housing and in response to other crises faced by the city, including natural disasters like a hurricane and a disastrous fire we got through them together, and together, with urgency, collaboration, and innovation, we will continue to build a better future in every neighborhood, for every Angeleno.

In the realm of public safety, the L.A. Police Department has seen a reduction in homicides and violent crime rates in comparison to last year's statistics as well as a surge in applications to the force, marking 1,048 prospective recruits in August, its largest pool since September 2020. Mayor Bass additionally established the Office of Community Safety, a nod to alternative approaches to crime prevention, emphasizing community-led strategies. The full recap of public safety progress is accessible for public viewing, as noted on the mayor's site.

Turning towards economic development, Mayor Bass has succeeded in attracting the Banc of California, deemed the state's premier business bank, to relocate its headquarters to Los Angeles, along with the establishment of thousands of new businesses over the past year. The creation of a small business policy team, accompanied by the Mayor's Executive Directive 4, is set to bolster small business development by offering both digital and face-to-face services for enterprises aiming to launch or grow, Los Angeles is demonstrating its commitment to economic vitality through these and other initiatives that promise to transform the city's landscape.

Climate initiatives have not been left behind, with Mayor Bass securing hundreds of millions in state and federal funds to advance Los Angeles's green agenda and expanding on the foundation laid by her predecessors, mayors Villaraigosa and Garcetti. Significant leaps in the realm of climate and sustainability were made, a detailed account of which is published for review. Additionally, the city has ramped up its delivery of services, closing the year with 100,000 more than the prior year while also boosting Metro ridership numbers each month of 2023. More insight into the city's service improvements during Bass's tenure can be followed on the official website and related social media platforms.