Gastrologik and Sons & Daughters Join Culinary Forces in San Francisco for Exclusive Pop-Up Dinners

Gastrologik and Sons & Daughters Join Culinary Forces in San Francisco for Exclusive Pop-Up DinnersSource: Google Street View
Eileen Vargas
Published on December 07, 2023

A gastronomic experience of a lifetime awaits as the defunct but still legendary two Michelin-starred Gastrologik pops up in San Francisco for a rare treat. As reported by Eater San Francisco, Chef Jacob Holmström, formerly of Gastrologik, and Chef Harrison Cheney of Sons & Daughters will craft a two-night dinner spectacle, showcasing their prowess in New Nordic cuisine with a Californian twist.

Channeling the spirit of collaboration and mentorship, Holmström and Cheney, having a shared history, work to meld their culinary narratives. Cheney, once a mentee under Holmström in Stockholm, now heads the one-Michelin-starred Sons & Daughters, and as per Eater, he earned the Michelin Guide's Young Chef Award this year. Before its closure in 2023, Gastrologik, known for embracing the bounties of local produce and sustainable practices, was led by Holmström in partnership with chef Anton Bjuhr; now Cheney, inheriting this ethos, applies it at Sons & Daughters.

For those looking to savor this unique dining experience, better grab your wallets. This 20-course epicurean journey does not come cheap. Offering a price tag of $325 per person for the indulgence, which includes a line-up of carefully curated courses and the possibility to add on a wine pairing for a supplementary $165, or if you prefer, a non-alcoholic beverage pairing for $115, the extravagance is poised for January 24 and 25, 2024, at Sons & Daughters, with reservations possible via Tock as highlighted by ExploreTock.

The duo's menu remains a clandestine work in progress, breaking free from tradition and vibrant with the spontaneity of in-season offerings. "We will definitely have a menu format," Cheney states in an interview with Eater. Yet, he reveals the essential allure as the dynamic flexibility of their craft, stating, "But when we start looking at the farm list and the produce list, things will change." It's not set in stone, but the promise of precision-planned preservation—think pickled and fermented delights—is bound to complement the freshness of the market hauls.

Envisioned favorites include an iteration of the Swedish curry dish celebrated at Gastrologik, as described by Holmström to Eater, where preserved herbs make a heady base for delicate seafood, all caramelized with salted butter in front of guests. Cheney vows, "I think there’s going to be a lot of interesting and exciting techniques—and it’s going to be a lot of fun," tapping into Gastrologik's ethos where joy in cooking was paramount. The reunion of the chefs and some of their former colleagues adds another dimension to these dinners – Holmström relishing the opportunity to operate with familiar faces in a new culinary setting.

Foodies, this is your shot to taste the legacy of Gastrologik as it intertwines with the innovation at Sons & Daughters at an event unlike any before it. Swing by 708 Bush Street in January, but make sure to lock down those reservations first, for a culinary escapade that fuses the brilliance of the Northern European and Northern California food traditions, entwined with a spontaneity that only true masters of the kitchen can orchestrate.