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Published on December 04, 2023
Palo Alto Police Swiftly Halt Woman's Burglary and Porch Piracy Spree, Credits to Vigilant ResidentsSource: Google Street View

On November 30, a woman's crime spree in Palo Alto came to a halt thanks to the vigilance of homeowners and swift police action. The suspect, who later identified herself with multiple pseudonyms, was booked for burglarizing an occupied dwelling and nabbing a package in a porch pirating detour, according to a release by the Palo Alto Police Department.

Last Thursday's residential tranquility was shattered when unsuspecting victims on Byron Street found themselves at the center of a live-action nightmare involving their uninvited guest. In a brazen maneuver, an unknown female slipped into the victim's home through the unsecured front door, snatching a purse and a jacket before slipping into the shadows of the night. Despite a rapid police response, the perpetrator vanished into thin air.

The saga continued shortly thereafter on Middlefield Road, where a watchful eye caught the suspect in an act all too familiar in today's quick-hit thievery. Just past 10:30 p.m., the police dispatch center received another tip-off, this time about a woman lurking and pilfering on a nearby porch. The cops, closing in on the phantom prowler, apprehended her without a hitch at the crossroads of Embarcadero Road and Webster Street.

With the spoils of her illicit excursion—the stolen belongings from her earlier house caper and an unopened package belonging to a different homeowner—Zaira Dier was arrested. However, the initial identification proved a carousel of false names and dates of birth, sending officers on a wild goose chase until the county jail's fingerprint analysis cut through the façade, unmasking the 52-year-old with no fixed abode.

As the police wrap up the case, returning belongings to their rightful owners, they urge anyone with information about the incident to come forward. Interested parties can call the 24-hour dispatch center at (650) 329-2413 or send a tip anonymously through email at [email protected] or via text or voice mail at (650) 383-8984.