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Published on February 25, 2024
Bay Area Braces for Light Rainfall Early Week, Heavier Showers Forecast by WeekendSource: Unsplash/ Brazil Topno

A dash of drizzle is on deck for the Bay Area as forecasters predict light rain to graze the region Monday, with a heftier helping of showers expected to hit as the week wears on. The National Weather Service San Francisco highlighted a "weak system" that's forecasted to deliver minimal moisture mainly south of the Golden Gate as the week begins.

"Dry conditions, northerly winds, and cooler temperatures" are projected to punctuate the midweek pause, according to the National Weather Service, setting the stage for a potentially soggy scenario to unfold come weekend. The Service warned to smartly bundle up, as lows Tuesday morning look to low-ball to the mid-30s in the North Bay Valleys.

Counting coins of rainfall, estimates from the forecasters suggest "rain totals around 1-2 inches for the lower elevations from Thursday through Sunday." According to a post on X by NWS Bay Area, broadcasting "better rain chances late week into the weekend" with cooler temps staying put. This "colder system" could mean snow dusting the regional ridge tops, a rare but plausible scene for the Santa Lucias.



Nautical navigators should note, maritime conditions are slated to grow "hazardous" as breezes build and stronger swells surge by week's end. The local weather gurus, per their marine forecast, anticipate fair conditions through Sunday, only to pivot to northerly gusts that could reach around 25 mph by Monday evening. Sailors should strongly prepare to adjust their anchors appropriately.