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Published on February 24, 2024
Cambridge Police Warn of Scam with Fake Roof Inspections Leading to Fraudulent Repair ContractsSource: Facebook/Cambridge Police Department

Cambridge residents are being targeted by a fast-talking scam involving supposed free chimney and roof inspections. The Cambridge Police Department has issued a warning after an increase in reports of fraudsters knocking on doors, offering to check for damages, and then smooth-talking their way into bogus repair contracts. The scammers often request an upfront deposit and may point out non-existent problems to seem legitimate.

In the most recent scam, a Cambridge local was duped by a phony inspector, as reported by Cambridge Police on their Facebook page. Authorities have warned that similar schemes are popping up throughout the region. To avoid falling victim, police urge homeowners to only work with licensed and insured contractors and to do their homework before hiring anyone.

Cambridge Police suggest seeking contractor referrals from trusted acquaintances, and vetting potential hires thoroughly through resources like the Better Business Bureau or the State’s Office of Consumer Affairs. The police department advises obtaining multiple written estimates that detail the work, materials, completion date, and price as well as reading contracts completely and never signing anything that isn't fully understood.

Cambridge residents who might realize they've been caught in a contractor scam should immediately contact Cambridge Police at (617) 349-3300. While no foolproof method exists to eradicate such deceptions, being cautious can serve as a stronger defense than any deadbolt. Vigilance remains the best protection against these predatory practices, aiming to swindle the unsuspecting and trusting out of their hard-earned money.