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Published on February 22, 2024
Dunkin' Heats Up Texas with Boozy Beverages and New Energy Drinks Amid Industry ControversySource: Unsplash / Joan Oger

As coffee culture gets a spirited shake-up, Dunkin' is stirring the pot in the Lone Star State with its latest concoction, Dunkin' Spiked. The donut giant's new line of booze-infused teas and coffees has hit the shelves in Texas, targeting the taste buds of adult consumers looking for a different kind of buzz. These spirit-laden sips, debuting in Austin as well as in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, are among the select offerings Dunkin' has brewed for just a handful of states, according to Austin American Statesman.

The caffeinated carousel doesn't stop there, however. Following in the wake of the Panera Charged Lemonade debacle, Dunkin' has unveiled its brand of iced energy drinks, SPARkD’ Energy by Dunkin. Remember the Panera controversy? Their Charged Lemonade made headlines after a college student with a heart condition tragically died, putting the safety of supercharged caffeinated beverages under the spotlight. Despite lawsuits and health fears circling Panera's potent potion, Dunkin' boldly enters the energy drink arena with their SPARKD offerings, reported KXAN.

The Dunkin' Spiked lineup features teas in flavors from slightly sweet to exotic mango pineapple, boasting a 5% alcohol content. Not to be outdone, the spiked coffee range offers a 6% alcohol kick in vanilla, caramel, and other classic flavors. Amid an array of sizes, a 24-ounce single-serve can join the roster in March. If the prospect of scoring a buzz with your brew wasn't tempting enough, Dunkin' has launched a sweepstakes for a year's supply of their spiked selections and other swag for those of legal drinking age.

SPARkD’ Energy by Dunkin' meanwhile, rolls out with a conscious caffeine count, tackling a market that's not just awake, but wide-eyed. With between 144 to 192 milligrams of caffeine, the energy drinks stand as the cooler, less jittery cousin to their scandal-tarnished Panera peer. Mintel's latest figures serve up a jumpy forecast; energy drinks enjoyed over $21 billion in 2022 sales and are set for even more growth this year. True to form, dunkin' appears poised to grab their slice of the caffeinated cash cow, controversy notwithstanding.

Texans can find Dunkin' Spiked products at notable retailers like Kroger, H-E-B, Spec's, Circle K, and Buc-ee's. Sippers and zippers alike now have their choice between taking a shot at beverage bliss or charging up with a chilled energy hit, thanks to Dunkin’s dual debut into alcohol-infused and energy drink markets.