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Published on February 23, 2024
East Boston Seniors Bond with Local Police Over Coffee and Crafts in Community Engagement EffortSource: Boston Police Department Official Website

East Boston seniors found a warm spot to gather for coffee and creativity courtesy of the local police department last Thursday. The A-7 Community Service Office played host to the cheerful group from the East Boston Senior Center at the district station's community room, turning an ordinary morning into a memorable event, as they mingled with officers, brainstorming over arts and crafts. Boston Police Department highlighted the positive initiative aimed at engaging the area’s elder residents.

Paint brushes in hand, the seniors dived into painting and other hands-on activities, while conversations flowed as freely as the coffee served. Surrounded by the close-knit team of A-7 CSOs, they found not just an outlet for their creativity, but also a space for building friendships and bridging the intergenerational gap with the officers. 

The gathering was a testament to the police department’s ongoing commitment to community engagement, marking yet another stride in strengthening neighborhood ties. As per the 'Boston Police Department, "This thoughtful initiative exemplifies the commitment of the A-7 CSOs to enriching the lives of East Boston’s senior residents through meaningful interactions and shared experiences."