Elton John's Lavish Atlanta Collections Hit the Auction Block at Christie's, Pianos, Vintage Versace, and Fine Art Included

Elton John's Lavish Atlanta Collections Hit the Auction Block at Christie's, Pianos, Vintage Versace, and Fine Art IncludedSource: Instagram/eltonjohn
Rohit Mehta
Published on February 12, 2024

Iconic musician Elton John is parting ways with a trove of personal items from his Atlanta residence, as bidders prepare to lay their hands on over 900 pieces of the star's paraphernalia. According to FOX5 Atlanta, highlights of "The Collection of Sir Elton John: Goodbye Peachtree Road" include a grand Yamaha piano and a pair of signature platform boots silvered to the hilt.

The upcoming auction, scheduled for February 21 at Christie's, promises a rare glimpse into the "Rocket Man" singer's life and style, with items starting from $100 to the sky-reaching estimate of $1,000,000, however, alongside lavish artworks and vintage fashion lies an erotic print titled “Two Heads,” described by NBC News as a photograph of a snake wrapped around male genitalia, which once held a space in John's bathroom. Moreover, the collection boasts over 100 vintage Gianni Versace shirts, luxury vehicles like his 1990 Bentley known for its luxe leather scent that John adored on drives through Atlanta and France, and a storied table where the concept for his AIDS foundation was conceived.

In a statement about the auction, John himself expressed his wishes for the items, saying, “If you buy anything at the sale, just remember that it is going from one incredibly eager collector who had so much pleasure out of what you are going to buy, and I hope it finds a good home.” His personal attachment to these possessions is palpable, as they once furnished his generous 13,333-square-foot abode decked with a gym, massage room, and an onyx bathroom.

Aside from the star's fixtures and finery, the auction offers a coveted selection of fine art including Banksy paintings poised to rake in around $1.5 million and pieces by revered artists like Keith Haring and Damien Hirst one of Hirst's works, "Your Song," inscribed to John and his husband, is expected to garner between $350,000 and $450,000 according to FOX5 Atlanta. It's not just about the art and artifacts as fans of the pop legend and philanthropic figure, like Mercedes Heuer of South Carolina, conveyed to NBC News, there's a sentiment, remarking that owning a piece of John's history is a way to have "a piece of him at home."

While John's Atlanta digs, a testament to his time in the American South, may have been sold, his legacy remains in motion, tangible in each item set to find a new space to reside and inspire, just as they did for the legendary artist himself. Christie's in New York is offering a sneak peek of these personal treasures at Rockefeller Center until February 21, igniting excitement amongst enthusiasts who, according to Mike Pappert of Houston in his interview with NBC News, appreciate the chance to "see it in person" and, in the case of John, sharing is more than a transaction—it is an extension of his storied journey.