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Published on February 26, 2024
Expansion of Victoria Commons in San Antonio: Wes Peoples Homes Enters Market, CVF Homes Acquires LotsSource: Unsplash/ Brett Jordan

The long-standing effort to reconstruct Victoria Commons, a site with historical significance for public housing in San Antonio, is moving forward with new developments, despite opposition by residents concerned about increased density and loss of green space. Opportunity Home San Antonio, previously known as SAHA, has recently sold land to two developers, Wes Peoples Homes and CVF Homes, as reported by the San Antonio Report.

Wes Peoples Homes, an Austin-based company that has made a footprint with approximately 50 homes in Austin's Mueller neighborhood, has acquired 20 lots and reportedly plans to construct 42 townhomes and eight three-story garden-style homes. This move marks Wes Peoples Homes' expansion into the San Antonio market, to which the company's owner, Wes Peoples, told the San Antonio Report, "They're very urban; they're meant for entertaining." The firm aims to introduce housing options estimated to be priced from the low $500,000s to $600,000s.

Adjacent to Wes People's lots, six additional lots have been sold to CVF Homes, led by Juan Fernandez. CVF Homes is known for sustainable infrastructure projects within the city, particularly in historic neighborhoods like King William and Lavaca. Fernandez expressed his optimism about the project but remained tight-lipped about the specifics of his plans, citing only the site's prime location as a selling point in an interview with the San Antonio Report.

The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) faced confrontation with local San Antonio residents as it sought regulatory approval to develop the remaining green parcels in Victoria Commons. Resisting the community's pushback, SAHA secured the Planning Commission's approval to convert a 4.4-acre tract earmarked as parkland into a high-density residential zone. The move paves the way for a five-story apartment complex, as per an article by Virtual Builders Exchange.

James McKnight, the legal counsel for SAHA, presented plans that include townhomes and multifamily units with varying degrees of income-based restrictions, along with projects for neighborhood commercial retail and a YMCA Childcare center