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Published on February 27, 2024
Fairfield Man on Parole Arrested for Possession of Stolen Firearm After Tipsters AlertSource: Fairfield Police Department

In Fairfield, a routine call about suspicious activity led to the arrest of a man with a loaded gun, police say. The Fairfield Police Department responded after an anonymous tipster reported two men lingering around a vehicle, with one clutching a firearm, last Sunday.

When officers from the Fairfield PD descended on the scene on Village Square Boulevard, they encountered 27-year-old Manuel Rodrigues, a man known to be on active parole and another unidentified male. Nestled next to where Rodrigues stood, officers unearthed a loaded handgun inside the vehicle, the department's social media post revealed.

The seized weapon wasn't just loaded; it also had its criminal history, and a subsequent records check confirmed the handgun as stolen property. This find swiftly transformed Rodrigues' casual street corner rendezvous into a one-way ticket to the Solano County Jail.

Charged with possession of a stolen firearm, Rodrigues now awaits the judgment of the justice system, while outside, in the very boroughs of Fairfield, the anonymous caller's vigilance serves as a stark reminder of the citizen’s crucial role in community safety. For further details on the arrest, citizens are directed to the official Fairfield Police Department's Facebook post.