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Published on February 22, 2024
Former San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor Joins UNC as Senior Adviser and ProfessorSource:

Former San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor is embarking on a new venture, trading in her mayoral accomplishments for academic aspirations as she assumes a position at the University of North Carolina. Taylor, who left her role as president of Rust College in Mississippi last May, will begin her tenure as a senior adviser within the UNC system this March, aiming to inspire future public servants at a time of pronounced political polarization.

Her forthcoming role also includes a position as a professor of practice at UNC Chapel Hill's School of Government where she will impart her knowledge of nonprofit governance. Taylor's ambitions, captured in an interview with the San Antonio Report, extend to developing university programs designed to train elected officials. "I hope that young folks that are starting out careers in government will think about the possibilities for the future, and not just be kind of discouraged by the current state of [politics] not just nationally, but some locally in some quarters," Taylor expressed.

Moreover, in a city basking in an aura of nostalgia, Taylor's official portrait was recently revealed at San Antonio's City Council chambers, where she served prior to her ascent to the mayoral office in 2014. Taylor, acknowledged as the city's first Black mayor, hopes her legacy reverberates with significance. "I hope that seeing my portrait hanging in the gallery will be an inspiration, especially to little Black girls," she told the San Antonio Report. The historic nature of her electoral victory in 2015 is not lost on her, nor is the desire for it not to be another four decades until the city elects another woman to their highest local office.

In reflection of her tenure as mayor, Taylor's pragmatic approach to leadership focused on bolstering San Antonio's economic standing without succumbing to the allure of flashy initiatives. A blueprint for San Antonio, which she laid out nearly 20 months into her mayoralship, steered the city towards global competitiveness through improved infrastructure and economic enhancements, as detailed in an article by the Express News. The deliberate stride she championed was of a "one San Antonio" ethos, seeking to create an environment where everyone had the "opportunity to prosper."