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Published on February 22, 2024
Frequent Tremors Stir Unease in South Central Texas with 13th Quake Near Fall CitySource: Unsplash/ Jens Aber

Fall City, Texas is surely no stranger to the rumble and dismay that comes with the Earth's unsettled movements. In what's becoming a troubling routine, another quake has jolted the area – a 3.9-magnitude shaker hit just past the witching hour on Thursday, three miles Northeast of the beleaguered city. This event marked the 13th seismic disturbance to rock South Central Texas in the last month alone, according to FOX San Antonio.

Local residents are growing accustomed to the unexpected shakes, with a smaller 2.2 quake having rattled just outside Poth, Texas mere days earlier. But it was the 4.7-magnitude quake, the strongest of the series so far, that has left indelible marks on their memories and infrastructure on Feb. 17, as reported by KSAT. This particular tremor spread its reach as far as 40-60 miles away, yanking San Antonio into its sphere of influence.

Melissa Mczygemba, a Falls City resident, recounted her midnight ordeal to KSAT, saying, "It just sounded like a helicopter going over." That night, not only the peace was shattered; the quake also claimed her window among its casualties. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed that Saturday's quake struck just three kilometers southeast of Falls City at a depth of 6.8 kilometers.

The recent series of quakes have sparked concern and conversation among the locals, with reverberations being felt in both the ground beneath their feet and the walls of their homes. The frequency and intensity of these incidents remain a source of unease, a harbinger of discussions to come regarding the state's geological stability and the safety of its people.