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Published on February 15, 2024
Historic San Francisco Mansion Once Owned By Nicolas Cage Hits the Market at $3.5 MillionSource: Helena Zaludova / Compass

A slice of celebrity history and architectural splendor is on the market in San Francisco's posh Pacific Heights neighborhood. The former mansion of Nicolas Cage, which also once belonged to actress Patricia Arquette and self-help guru Werner Erhard, has been listed for sale at $3.5 million, following a fire in 2020.

Built around the turn of the 20th century, the 6,925-square-foot Victorian at 1945 Franklin Street saw a significant face-lift in 2018 before disaster struck. After sustaining damage from the blaze, the house is now in search of a new owner willing to complete its restoration. Helena Zaludova of Compass, the listing agent, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, highlighting the home's rich history and prime location.

The property boasts six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and one half-bath. While the original leaded stained glass windows are intact, various areas are currently stripped down to plywood floors and unfinished walls and ceilings, awaiting a personalized touch from the eventual buyers. According to the same San Francisco Chronicle article, Zaludova suggested that the unfinished sections present "an opportunity for the new owners to build that portion of the house into what they desire."

Described as a "great deal for Pacific Heights" by Zaludova, the expansive dwelling boasts 12-foot ceilings and grand rooms not commonly found in the Bay Area. It initially hit the market post-renovation in 2018 for $12 million, before the price took a tumble to $6.5 million in 2019, with the current owners ultimately clinching the deal at the same amount. Despite the fire incident, the majority of the structural damage has been repaired, leaving behind areas that permit the new owners to bring their vision to life. The house also offers a four-car garage, demonstrating a rare commodity in a city known for its tight parking.

Further detailed in a listing from Compass, the property encompasses a sizeable 1,250 square foot garage and an outdoor space adjacent to the main living level. Additionally, it features amenities like radiant heat and an elevator system that are currently not in use. Compass provides the assurance that a licensened contractor has offered a quote to finalize the refurbishments, marrying this home's historic charm with contemporary expectations, as seen on their website listing.