Houston's The Rose Debuts Podcast Studio to Amplify Breast Cancer Conversations

Houston's The Rose Debuts Podcast Studio to Amplify Breast Cancer ConversationsSource: Facebook/The Rose
John Becker
Published on February 12, 2024

The fight against breast cancer in Houston has taken on a new voice, with The Rose health center opening an 800-square-foot studio to produce its weekly podcast "Let's Talk About Your Breasts". The state-of-the-art setup at the center's Featherwood location is a vibrant display of soundproofed walls and modern lighting, a far cry from its former incarnation as a surgery center with dull green walls. Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and co-founder of The Rose, leads the podcast, which has garnered approximately 10,000 downloads since its debut episode, according to a Houston Chronicle report.

With more than 80 guests appearing on the podcast to date, it has become a place without filters where women and men share their journeys navigating breast cancer. Gibbons, understanding the impact and reach of the podcast, stated, "I think we forget that everybody has their own community, and we may or may not be talking about breast cancer to a general audience." This inclusive approach strives to reach diverse communities, ensuring that vital conversations about breast cancer are happening, as the Houston Chronicle noted.

A recent guest, Courtney Clark, while living in New Orleans, was advised her breast lump was "nothing to worry about" by a doctor. It wasn't until she moved to Houston and was referred to The Rose and subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Clark mentioned her initial hesitance to share her story but found empowerment in advocating for those who may feel unheard by medical professionals and said, "The biggest takeaway for me is that if someone can just hear (your story) and understands that they’re not crazy and they’re not losing it and that someone is going to hear you out if you keep pushing - being able to get that message out has made my day."

The podcast was also reported by BNN Breaking News as a means to spread awareness and knowledge, essential for early detection, by featuring a spectrum of voices including survivors, medical experts, and advocates.