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Published on February 23, 2024
Irvine Police Arrest Corona Woman Suspected of Embezzling $372,000 from Local BusinessSource: Facebook/Irvine Police Department

An Irvine local has been ensnared in a web of economic deceit and theft, as revealed by the diligent efforts of an Economic Crimes Investigator. Charlene Hoffman, a 57-year-old resident of Corona, is accused of masterminding a sophisticated scheme, pocketing a staggering $372,000 from an unnamed business using methods including company credit cards and falsified checks.

The case, which has been under the watchful eye of authorities since 2021, finally culminated in Hoffman's arrest. Law enforcement agents from The Investigations Bureau moved decisively to apprehend Hoffman this morning. The charges on her rap sheet are extensive: grand theft, embezzlement, identity theft, forgery, money laundering, and falsifying records, as reported by the Irvine Police Department.

Hoffman, who now faces the judicial music, has been booked at Orange County Jail. The news has spread quickly, igniting a flurry of hashtags with the Irvine Police Department cheekily warning, "#dontcommitcrimeinirvine" via their social media channels.