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Published on February 22, 2024
Irving Police Department Cracks Down on Speeding, Issues 136 Citations on S.H. 161Source: Irving Police Department

The Irving Police Department's latest traffic initiative is hitting the gas on speedsters tearing up highway asphalt. In a concerted effort to pump the brakes on dangerous driving, police have deployed nine motors and two spotters across two enforcement sessions, totaling four hours of vigilant oversight on S.H. 161. The result? A staggering 143 vehicles were stopped, with 136 drivers slapped with citations and another 30 issued warnings for less severe infractions.

According to a post by the Irving Police Department, this initiative focused on speed and other hazardous violations crowding the roadway with potential calamities. The department's eagle-eyed enforcers caught speeds hitting a high-water mark of 111 mph, with several others clocking over 100 mph. A majority of the drivers stopped were barrel-rolling at 90 mph or over, despite the clearly posted 70 mph speed limit.

The need for enforcement is underscored by a troubling trend: since the beginning of the month, 15 major accidents have littered S.H. 161, with excess speed playing a contributing role in the bulk of these wrecks. The police's clarion call is simple, urging drivers to "#endthestreaktx" of traffic incidents and to adhere to posted limits, thereby securing the safety of all who traverse these stretches of Texas tarmac.

The blitz on breakneck speeding is a part of the state's broader mission to lower accident rates and improve highway safety. Irving PD is just one of multiple agencies throttling up enforcement and sending a clear signal to the speed demons among us—reckless driving will not go unchecked. As per the department's Facebook dispatch, motorists should consider this recent campaign a firm reminder of the perils of pedal pushing and the collective responsibility we all share in making the roads a safer passage for everyone.