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Published on February 26, 2024
Los Angeles Responders Assess Hillside Shift Near Homes in Brentwood, No Evacuations OrderedSource: Google Street View

Tension gripped Brentwood residents on Saturday as the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a 911 call regarding a possible hillside shift near homes on Bundy Drive. The emergency call, which came in at around 4:16 PM, prompted LAFD crews to swiftly assess the situation at 1445 N Bundy Drive. According to the LAFD alert, no evacuation orders were issued despite the concerns about the hillside's stability.

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety was also on the ground, collaborating closely with fire crews to evaluate the risks posed by the potentially unstable terrain. A department geologist was dispatched to perform a thorough assessment, as the area around the incident involved approximately five homes. The efforts taken were meant to swiftly, but carefully, address any immediate dangers to the residents and their properties.

By 7:00 PM, the fire crews had departed the scene, but the situation remained under the watchful eye of local authorities. An initial assessment by Building and Safety concluded without necessitating an evacuation. The department plans to send a specialist within the next 48 hours to conduct a further slope assessment, as stated in an update from the LAFD. Throughout the incident, communication with the affected residents was maintained to keep them informed and assured.

No injuries were reported from the incident, despite the underlying risk associated with land movement in such residential areas. Questions regarding the event and future precautions have been directed towards the LA Department of Building and Safety.