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Published on February 22, 2024
Minneapolis to Experience a Whirlwind of Spring Weather with Sunshine, Winds, and Possible SnowSource: Unsplash/Daniel McCullough

Minneapolis is bracing for an eclectic mix of spring weather, as forecasts reveal a rollercoaster of temperatures accompanied by gusty winds and potential rain turning to snow mid-week. The forecast, courtesy of the National Weather Service, points to a variation in conditions, from sunny skies to the possibility of a wintry mix.

Residents can expect the thermometer to hit near 49 degrees today, under sunny skies with winds picking up speed in the afternoon. These winds, blowing from the west northwest, will fluctuate between 5 to 15 mph, according to National Weather Service data. As night falls, the low will hover around 29 degrees, maintaining that brisk, west northwest wind.

Friday will dial down the warmth slightly, with the high peaking near 33 degrees. The coming weekend offers a reprieve—Saturday showing promise with sunny conditions and a high around 46, but it'll be breezy with wind gusts potentially reaching 30 mph. These temperamental winds are expected to persist through a partly cloudy Saturday night, with a low settling near 31 degrees.

Looking ahead to next week, Minneapolis locals should be ready for a meteorological mash-up. Monday beams with optimism, boasting a mostly sunny day and a high that could soar to 56 degrees. Yet by Tuesday, rain chances creep in at 20 percent, dropping the high to about 47. Come Tuesday night, there's a chance for rain and snow, as clouds gather and the temperature plummets to a low near 18. This colder air will bring with it gusty, north northwest winds of 15 to 20 mph, with even mightier gusts up to 30 mph, possibly causing concern for early-week commuters.

Wednesday keeps the forecast on its toes with a 30 percent chance of snow and partly sunny skies, while the high struggles to hit 29 degrees. Far from the warmth earlier in the week, Minneapolitans will be reaching once again for their winter gear, as north winds push through at around 15 mph and gusts as high as 25 mph. This mix of sunshine, brisk winds, and the potential for snow encapsulates the unpredictability of Minneapolis' transitional weather as residents march towards the spring season.