Petaluma Man Receives 25-Year Sentence for Domestic Abuse, Intimidation and Other Felonies

Petaluma Man Receives 25-Year Sentence for Domestic Abuse, Intimidation and Other FeloniesSource: Google Street View
Eric Tanaka
Published on February 09, 2024

A Petaluma man with a history of violence was slammed with a 25-year prison term for a series of crimes, including domestic abuse and witness intimidation, a Sonoma County court ruled. David Charles Moon, 43, began his crime spree back in November 2022 with a brutal attack on his former girlfriend. The sentencing was served up by Judge Robert LaForge, ending Moon's reign of intimidation – for now.

Moon's violent escapades escalated when he switched to digital threats, using encrypted messaging to send bone-chilling texts. According to information from the Sonoma County District Attorney's office, Moon warned his victim in one text, "It’s going to be refreshing to put your lifeless body on the ground and your spirit in the sky." His arrest came after a failed attempt at a cinematic escape which included a high-speed chase and a loaded handgun on his person.

The investigation into Moon took a turn when detectives discovered he was concocting a plan from his jail cell to dispose of an arsenal of firearms and drugs. Petaluma detectives preempted the scheme, seizing ghost guns, silencers, ammunition, an assault weapon, and a hefty stash of cocaine from a storage unit in Contra Costa.

Further investigation added to the gravity of the case, leading to an array of charges against Moon. "Mr. Moon has a well-documented history of terrorizing members of the community," stated District Attorney Carla Rodriguez. In a negotiated plea, Moon owned up to residential burglary, corporal injury, and dissuading a witness. He even admitted to inflicting great bodily injury, with these pleas securing his 25-year sentence.

Facing justice for his crimes, the weight of Moon's past caught up with him. A previous conviction for posing as an FBI agent and kidnapping a man in 2007 was a factor in his current sentence, adding to the severity of his punishment. The case against Moon was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Robert Rasp, with the Petaluma Police Department spearheading the investigation.