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Published on February 23, 2024
Portland Police Join Forces in Crackdown on Crime-Ridden Motels along 82nd AvenueSource: Portland Police Bureau Official Website

The Portland Police Bureau took to the streets of 82nd Avenue, launching a targeted operation against a string of seedy motels known for trouble. The Wednesday bust was a collaborative effort as officers from Central Precinct, North Precinct, and East Precinct joined forces to clamp down on venues historically marred by drugs, violence, and other illegal undertakings, according to the official Portland Police Bureau report.

These motels, notorious hotbeds for crime, registered a disconcerting track record with a rap sheet that included repeated service calls, reported assaults, drugs, a homicide, and even stolen vehicles lurking on the properties. Joined by several Neighborhood Response Teams (NRT), the mission's ambitious goal was clear: cut down on the string of criminal incidents leaving a blemish on 82nd Avenue and its adjacent streets.

By the operation's close, the numbers tallied up to a measure of success, albeit one tempered with the relentless rhythm of crime that betides such motels. The authorities made 8 arrests, slapped on 6 felony charges, issued 2 violation citations, and contacted 16 subjects. Faced with a dash of defiance, they combatted 1 elude on foot, while 18 vehicles were stopped cold in their attempt to flee the long arm of the law. A modest haul of 2 stolen vehicles also found their way back home, ostensibly taking $6,000.00 off the black market's tab.

The Portland Police Bureau is far from calling it quits. Looking ahead, they've announced plans to replicate their joint missions across other city sectors with the hope of dampening the drumbeat of criminal activity and improving day-to-day livability for its denizens. With the first sweep wrapped up, Portland waits, holding its collective breath, to see if the staunch approach adopted on 82nd Avenue can be the salve to heal its more troubled streets.