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Published on February 26, 2024
Repeat Trespasser in Colma Apprehended After Struggle with Police, Charged with Resisting ArrestSource: Google Street View

Colma, CA made the headlines when a repeat trespasser was caught by local authorities after a series of disturbances ended in a struggle with the police. According to the Colma Police Department's social media post, the incidents began on Friday when officers responded to a call at around 8:14 pm about a male intruder in the backyard of a home on Clark Avenue and D Street. The homeowner had confronted the individual and escorted him off the property without harm. This suspect matched the description of an earlier incident, where a man had brandished a knife at a local business owner.

The search intensified with the assistance of the South San Francisco Police Department’s K-9 unit and the San Bruno Police Department’s drone unit, setting up a perimeter in a concerted effort to locate the male, but to no avail. Later that evening, at around 10:37 pm, the same man was reported trespassing at a business on Serramonte Boulevard. Upon arrival, officers found the suspect inside a portable toilet. He was detained and then arrested for trespassing.

Fortune turned when the 29-year-old Oakland male resisted arrest at the Colma Police Station. The authorities had requested the man to switch patrol vehicles for transport to the county jail, initiating a confrontation as the suspect refused and began to physically resist — resulting in officers using restraints to quell the skirmish and safely detain the man. Eventually, he was booked for resisting arrest in addition to trespassing.

Throughout the ordeals, the interdepartmental collaboration stood out, with special acknowledgment from the Colma Police for the support rendered by the South San Francisco and San Bruno departments.