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Published on February 28, 2024
Rohnert Park Woman Arrested for DUI After Petaluma Drive-Thru MishapSource: Google Street View

A Petaluma woman found herself in cuffs after a late-night drive-thru debacle. Ellen Eicher, 55, from Rohnert Park was busted for allegedly driving drunk following a citizen's alert to the Petaluma Police, which led to her arrest on Tuesday. According to a report by the Petaluma Police Department, her erratic behavior behind the wheel included traveling at a snail's pace on the freeway and playing bumper cars with the landscape.

The telltale signs of intoxication didn't end there. After being trailed by a concerned citizen who witnessed the Ford Ranger weaving and plodding along at 30mph on the freeway, Eicher reportedly pulled into a Jack in the Box off N McDowell Blvd. When an officer arrived on the scene, Eicher, seemingly oblivious to the patrol car's presence, attempted to steer through the drive-thru, only to jump the curb and assault the innocent foliage.

According to police, upon contact with Eicher, "she displayed objective signs of alcohol intoxication and admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages at a bar in Cotati." After conducting a DUI investigation, it was determined that Eicher was indeed under the booze's influence. She was transported to Sonoma County Jail and faces charges including Driving Under the Influence, as noted in the department's statement.

The Petaluma Police Department extended their gratitude towards the vigilant citizen whose actions likely prevented further mayhem. Eicher's arrest serves as a harsh reminder of the steep cost associated with first-time DUI offenses, which includes a potential fine of $13,500 and a suspended license. The department continues to urge motorists to drink responsibly and arrange for a sober ride home.