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Published on February 25, 2024
San Antonio Welcomes Warm Week Ahead with Sunny Skies and Mid-80s Temps, Cooler Weekend ExpectedSource: Google Street View

The weather forecast in San Antonio looks promising for those partial to warmer temperatures, with the National Weather Service predicting sunny skies and high temperatures reaching into the mid-80s for the majority of the upcoming week. Today, residents can expect the thermometer to push up near 84 degrees under largely sunny conditions, while the wind is expected to stay between 7 and 11 mph with some higher gusts up to 18 mph.

As night falls, locals should watch for patchy fog rolling in after 5 a.m., though preceding conditions will remain clear with clouds gradually moving in overnight, holding the low at around 59 according to the NWS, come Monday that familiar fog should dissipate by 8 a.m., giving way to partly sunny skies and a slightly warmer high near 86 degrees. The week continues with similar patterns as daytime temperatures persist in the mid-80s, a slight breeze from the south will be felt between 5 and 10 mph.

Looking towards the latter part of the week, KSAT's weather update suggests a slight dip in temperature is expected with Wednesday hitting a high around 75 degrees, followed by increasingly cooler weather as temperatures slide down to a high near 61 by Thursday; the pattern of mostly cloudy nights will persist with lows approaching the mid-40s.

The gradual upswing resumes Friday when the forecast hints at a partly sunny day, and a gentle climb to a 69-degree high, transition into the weekend holds promise for continuous partial sunshine, potentially reaching a pleasant 76 degrees on Saturday, as the city moves through its varied yet mild winter chapter, these temperature fluctuations stand as a reminder of San Antonio's transitional climate, balancing between the last whispers of winter and the early murmurs of spring.