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Published on February 26, 2024
Santa Rosa Police Arrest Van Nuys Man for Allegedly Brandishing Firearm on the RoadSource: Santa Rosa Police

Tensions escalated on the roads of Santa Rosa when a driver reportedly flashed a firearm at another motorist, leading to an arrest and the discovery of two loaded guns. The Santa Rosa Police Department detailed the incident that unfolded on February 23, when a concerned citizen dialed in to report the threatening encounter involving a male in a black Chevrolet Silverado.

The police were guided by the informant who tracked the suspect vehicle and provided a license plate number. An officer located the truck on Piner Road and a traffic stop was executed on the junction of Piner Road and Fulton Road. The driver, identified as Eduardo Recinosoto, 37, from Van Nuys, complied with officers and was detained without further incident.

A thorough search of Recinosoto's vehicle turned up two fully loaded firearms nestled within the center console. A Springfield Armory XD 9-millimeter pistol and a Cimarron 357 caliber revolver were retrieved, as per the police report. The informant identified Recinosoto as the man who had brandished the weapon, amplifying the gravity of the events.

Recinosoto faced multiple charges, reflective of the severity of his actions. He fit the description of a felon prohibited from possessing firearms, adding to his legal troubles. He was booked on several counts, including brandishing a firearm and making criminal threats, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department. His reckless behavior not only endangered public safety but also violated multiple codes of California Penal Code.