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Published on February 22, 2024
Santa Rosa Police Rally Community to Identify Alleged Theft Ring Plaguing Local BusinessesSource: Google Street View

The Santa Rosa Police Department took to social media to enlist the public's help again in pinning down a posse of alleged thieves wreaking havoc across local businesses. The department shared surveillance shots of the suspects linked to a string of misdemeanors— from shoplifting and identity fraud to credit card skimming and orchestrated retail thefts—and urged residents to chime in with any possible leads.

"It worked so well the first time, we are going to do it again! Please take a look at these photos and let us know if you recognize any of these people by calling the SRPD Property Crimes Investigations Team," the Facebook post read. These cunning criminals not only pilfer products but also leave a trail of financial distress in their wake, impacting both retailers and consumers alike.

The Santa Rosa Police highlighted a particularly sneaky method these suspects have polished— the "distraction theft." Typically, in a duo, one distracts the target while the other swiftly snatches anything from wallets to whole purses, especially if perched in an unguarded shopping cart.

The Police didn't just alert the public but also shared a bonus tip to counter these sly maneuvers. "Hold onto your valuable items such as purses and backpacks. Make sure they are closed if possible to prevent someone from easily reaching inside," the department advised. By keeping personal items close and zipped up, shoppers can better shield themselves from being the next unsuspecting victim.

If, by chance, these perpetrators are recognized, the Santa Rosa Police Department has indeed made communication as simple as a phone call away.