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Published on February 28, 2024
Seattle in the Running for Smart Cities Award, Community Votes to Decide Digital Equity TriumphSource:  TechTalk Seattle Official Website

Seattle's bid for Smart Cities glory is in your hands, voters. As reported by TechTalk Seattle, the city's push towards digital inclusivity has landed it in the final round to win top honors for Digital Equity and Accessibility at the IDC Government Insights Smart Cities North America Awards. But before they can bag the award, Seattle's tech gurus need you to click in support.

This recognition highlights the work done by the Seattle Information Technology’s Digital Engagement Team, who since 2017 have labored to weave digital accessibility standards and human-centric design into the fabric of the city’s online presence. By managing pivotal public digital touchpoints, such as and the city's social media, they have taken a significant leap towards reshaping the user experience to cater to everyone - including those grappling with the English language or an internet connection that moves at a snail's pace.

Ruthbea Yesner, the Vice President at IDC Government Insights, spotlighted Seattle's innovative use of technology and community partnership. “The Smart Cities awards showcase how the public sector is creatively using technology, community engagement and ecosystem partners to provide secure, effective, efficient, and perhaps most importantly, sustainable and equitable services,” TechTalk Seattle reported Yesner as saying.

Seattle's inclusive design mantra is more than just talk .“Inclusive design has been a focus of our digital services for several years. Our progress is most evident on the website and, as the enthusiasm and adoption grows, we’re looking forward to seeing improvements across all public-facing web applications at the City,”  Michal Perlstein, senior manager of digital engagement, told TechTalk Seattle. The team has its sights set on spreading these improvements like wildfire, ensuring that every public service on the web can be easily accessed by all Seattle residents.

Cast your vote, Seattleites. A nod to the tech advancements made, and a vote for a future where digital equity isn't just an ideal, but the norm. Seattle's smarts could clinch the Smart Cities award, and it's up to you to make a click in the right direction. Check out their pitch and vote on the TechTalk Seattle website for further details.

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