Seattle Set for a Drizzly Week, NWS Predicts Clouds and Cool Temps With Intermittent Rain

Seattle Set for a Drizzly Week, NWS Predicts Clouds and Cool Temps With Intermittent RainSource: Flickr / Sergiy Galyonkin
Brian Cook
Published on February 12, 2024

The latest weather update paints a picture of a city enveloped in cool temperatures and clouds, with intermittent rain likely to punctuate the week ahead. Today, overcast conditions reign with the mercury hovering at 46°F, and while you might hope for a dry reprieve, the weather gods aren't granting favors just yet. With humidity sitting high at 93% and a south whisper at 5 MPH, keep your umbrella close at hand, as per the National Weather Service.

As Monday rolls in, it brings with it a 60% chance of rain, mainly before the afternoon. While set for a high nearing 48, the skies aren't clearing up just yet—expect clouds to persist with a possibility of less than a tenth of an inch of new precipitation. Winds are set to shift from west-southwest to north-northwest as folks make their morning commute, without granting much of a respite from the damp conditions.

Moving into Tuesday, Seattle will get a brief glimpse of sun, as the day promises to be partly sunny with highs inching up close to 47. Yet, calm winds will shift, playing a quiet tune of a north-northwest rhythm by 5 to 9 mph—hinting at that quintessential Seattle chill. Come nighttime, you can enjoy a partly cloudy sky with temperatures dropping to a low around 36, says NWS, with a north-northeast wind blowing softly at 7 mph.

Midweek forecasts signal a slight chance of rain by Wednesday afternoon, hovering at 20 percent. Partly sunny skies will grace the city, but the high will remain steadfast near 47. Past sundown, however, the likelihood of rain grows bolder with a 40 percent chance as darkness blankets the city, wrapping it in a coat of clouds and a low of approximately 37. Thursday won't make much of a departure from this pattern, still flirting with rain chances, particularly before late afternoon, and a parallel dance of partly sunny highs and mostly cloudy, almost identical nightly lows.

Optimism for sunnier days may rise slightly by Friday, as the week winds down with a mere slight chance of rain and highs potentially reaching the 50 mark. The weekend continues this trend with chances of rain enduring amidst mostly cloudy conditions and temperatures hovering around the mid-to-high 40s, inevitably climbing to a potential Sunday high of 51. While the city’s residents are never strangers to the rain, it’s always wise to prepare for Seattle's liquid sunshine to make its recurring appearance.