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Published on February 26, 2024
Seattle Transportation Official Darius Foster Reflects on Black History Month's Impact and HopeSource: Seattle Department of Transportation

Darius Foster, who leads the responsibility for the South Seattle region's management of encampments, opened up about the joys and significance of Black History Month. Foster, a North Carolina native residing in Lake Stevens with his family, carries out city clean-up and oversight of encampment removals, a role he has served in since mid-2023, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

With nearly nine years serving the City of Seattle, Foster spoke to the transportation department's blog about his journey through several city departments including labor standards and public utilities before joining the SDOT Unified Care Team which he currently manages this team deals with a smorgasbord of tasks that range from debris collection to encampment removals and inspections.

The month of February holds special meaning for Foster as Black History Month represents, as he stated, "a celebration of the significant milestones that have shaped American history in positive ways." It’s not just a retrospective acknowledgment for Foster; it carries the weight of hope and the ongoing quest for equality and justice within the Black community, especially uplifting considering the historical context of their contributions that have long been underappreciated or unseen.

In the Seattle Department of Transportation's blog Foster further elaborated on the month, explaining his views on its importance, "It serves as a reminder of the countless contributions made by black Americans to our nation," he also emphasized the necessity to applaud the perseverance of Black Americans in the relentless pursuit of an equitable landscape—one that echoes the dreams of those who paved the way and more importantly, for the generation that will inherit this continued march towards progress.

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