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Published on February 26, 2024
Suspected Arson Rages Through Vallejo Target Causing $1 Million in Damages, Prompts InvestigationSource: Google Street View

Over the weekend, a suspected arsonist turned a Vallejo Target into a blazing inferno, resulting in the store's indefinite closure and causing an estimated $1 million in damages. The fire erupted Saturday afternoon around 3 p.m. in the 904 Admiral Callaghan Lane store, as per Kevin Brown, a captain with the Vallejo Fire Department, in a statement to SFChronicle. Customers and staff were evacuated, thanks to working smoke detectors and a store employee's quick activation of the fire alarm.

In an email, Brown reported that the extensive damage was primarily focused on the store's roof structure and the origin point—the paper towel aisle. Health inspectors are now faced with the grim task of sifting through food items, deciding which should be discarded due to fire and smoke contamination, as mentioned in SFGate. Open food, such as produce, is destined for the trash.

Authorities have not made any arrests by Sunday evening but are diligently combing through "a plethora of surveillance footage," looking to identify the culprit, said Brown in SFGate. The Vallejo Police Department is working with the fire department’s investigation unit to sniff out the suspect. While the search for the arsonist continues, the store's reopening timeline hangs uncertainly. Brown stressed that the store's staff adhered to fire protocol flawlessly, their actions being "very organized" as they helped facilitate an orderly evacuation.

The fire was subdued swiftly, within 13 minutes of the 911 calls, due to the store's sprinkler system that had activated after the fire began and considerably slowed down the fire's spread. One employee was treated at the scene for minor smoke inhalation, though no other injuries were reported, according to Brown's email cited by SFGate