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Published on February 14, 2024
Two Suspects Apprehended for Alleged Vandalism in San Jose; Loaded Firearm RecoveredSource: San Jose Police Department

Last night in San Jose, Western Division police officers apprehended two suspects for allegedly spray painting on private property. According to the San Jose Police Department's report, the officers were responding to complaints when they encountered two individuals who fitted the description given by the victims.

Dutifully investigating the scene, the officers discovered both individuals were in possession of spray paint cans. The situation escalated when an attempt to detain them was met with resistance, as one suspect fled the scene, recklessly discarding a loaded firearm during the pursuit. The police managed to recover the weapon along with the vandalism tools. The grown male was subsequently booked into jail, while his companion, a juvenile male, faced a different fate, being booked into juvenile hall.

The Police Department's social media update praised the "Great work by Western Division," giving a nod to the officers' swift response and the arrest of the suspects. While the suspects' identities have not been disclosed, the San Jose community has been alerted to the consequences of defacing private property and the importance of collective vigilance.