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Published on February 28, 2024
Vallejo Police Seek Public's Help in Arson Case as Fire Causes $3M in DamagesSource: Vallejo Fire Department

In the middle of a typical business afternoon, the peace of a Vallejo store was shattered by an act of criminal recklessness when an unidentified arsonist lit a fire that caused significant damage and put lives at risk. According to a statement from the Vallejo Fire Department, this incident occurred on the 900 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane, February 24, at around 3:00 P.M., igniting a blaze that not only threatened the safety of patrons and workers but wreaked havoc to the tune of over $3 million in losses.

The Vallejo Police Department, now facing the aftermath of flame and fear, is reaching out to the public for any information that can lead to the apprehension of the suspect, whose identity remains cloaked in the smoke of an unsolved case; meanwhile, the flames may be doused, but the embers of concern and the need for vigilant eyes remain as the community tries to reclaim a sense of security from the ashes. Those with knowledge regarding this egregious endangerment are encouraged to contact Officer Stephanie Diaz at her provided phone number or email address.

Officer Diaz, in her appeal for public assistance, emphasized the value of any leads, stating, "Your cooperation in this matter is paramount." In a post by the Vallejo Fire Department, the weight of collective vigilance has never been more crucial as the department, along with local law enforcement, undertakes the task of sifting through clues and working towards restoring what has been disrupted by such wanton destructiveness.