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Published on February 29, 2024
Victorville Child Hospitalized After Dog Attack, City Seeks Help to Locate AnimalSource: Google Street View

A pair of children in Victorville were set upon by an aggressive canine Thursday morning, with one of the youths requiring hospitalization following the unsettling incident. At around 7 a.m. on the 13800 block of Mesa Linda Avenue, as the children were navigating the path to school, a dog, presently unidentified, viciously bit them. While one child narrowly escaped harm, a 7-year-old girl sustained multiple injuries warranting urgent medical attention, according to KTLA.

Responding to the chaos, deputies from the Victorville Police Department arrived on the scene post haste, learning from stunned onlookers about the unpredictable attack. The dog, having let loose its wrath upon the children, fled the premises when a nearby resident, having witnessed the assault, courageously intervened. The young girl's injuries compelled her need for transport by ambulance to Loma Linda University Medical Center, as reported by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in a news release obtained by KTLA.

This distressing attack is the third of such brutal canine confrontations to plague residents this February. With a city still grappling with the savage mauling of a man by his own pit bulls in Compton earlier in the month, we recall Michael Gomez, spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, delineating the grim events where "the victim," engaged in feeding, was fatally set upon by the canines—those same dogs were later euthanized, extending the grim narrative of canine violence in the region, as per KTLA.

In the wake of the attack, authorities plead with the community for assistance in locating the culpable creature. Police have extended an invitation for tips and information to be conveyed by calling the Victorville Police Station at 760-241-2911, or Sheriff's Dispatch at 760-956-5001, as per the Sheriff's Department account cited by CBS News. Should confidentiality be preferred, information can be discreetly shared via the We-Tip Hotline at 800-782-7463 or through their website.