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Published on February 25, 2024
Austin Braces Warm and Breezy Weather,  Mid-80s Temperatures with Clear Skies AheadSource: National Weather Service

Austin, get ready to ditch the winter coat for a few more days. As per the National Weather Service, conditions today are set to be sunny with a high hovering near the mid-80s. A breeze from the south-southwest, potentially reaching speeds of 25 mph, will keep things fresh.

Looking ahead, the nighttime sky is expected to be partly cloudy, bringing a modest drop in temperatures to around 61 degrees. South winds will slow down a tad, gusting up to 20 mph, according to weather forecasts posted on NWS's website.

KXAN's weather team echoes the forecasts of warm weather. "We reached the low 80s on Saturday and should end up several degrees warmer for Sunday," they noted. The hint of a breeze on Sunday out of the southwest shouldn't deter Austinites from enjoying what's shaping up to be another perfectly sunny day.

Monday and Tuesday are set to bake, with the thermometer likely to push into the upper 80s, and possibly the low 90s in the Hill Country. "A few 90s are possible those days, mainly in the Hill Country," KXAN reported. But as the week progresses, a cold front will bulldoze through on Wednesday, dragging temperatures down to highs in the 50s on Thursday.

Texans looking for a reprieve from the dry spell might be left wanting. The same cold front set to chill midweek highs is bringing no rain with it. And while there's a sprinkle of hope for rainfall Thursday into the next weekend, forecasters aren't holding their breath. "I’m not too excited about our rainfall prospects just yet," KXAN's forecasters remarked, signaling a sense of skepticism over the chances of precipitation amidst the temperature tumble.

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