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Published on February 25, 2024
Weather Whiplash Expected in Minneapolis with Sun, Wind, and Snow on the HorizonSource: Unsplash/Josh Hild

Minneapolis locals better soak up the sunshine while it lasts, because there's a mixed bag of weather hitting the city starting tonight. The National Weather Service forecasts a pleasant high near 48 degrees with mostly sunny skies today, but don't get too comfortable—there's a chance of sprinkles before 7 PM and the mercury is going to dip to around 32 degrees as clouds roll in. Prepare for a wild weather swing on Monday, though, as temperatures are expected to shoot up to a balmy 63 degrees with a balmy breeze kicking up dust and leaves courtesy of gusts that could hit 30 mph.

Don't let the warmer wind fool you into shedding layers too soon because come Tuesday, the city is bracing for a potential weather whiplash, a chance of rain kicks in before 4 PM which could morph into a rain-snow mix and then switch to a straight snow after 5 PM the increasing clouds could come along with a high near 47—though that's before a mighty north northwest wind takes over, blasting cold air our way with gusts that could rattle windows at 35 mph. With a 50% chance of precipitation, we're looking at the potential for less than a half inch of snow during the day, according to the National Weather Service.

Things get frosty Tuesday night as temperatures plunge to around 10 degrees and snow becomes more likely, especially between 7 PM and 1 AM, and while the blustery north-northwest wind isn't letting up—clocking in around 25 mph with lung-busting gusts up to 40 mph—residents might wake up to 1 to 3 inches of new snow. It seems Wednesday won't offer much of a reprieve, as the city could see a lingering 30% chance of snow early on, then it's hours of cloudy skies before the sun dares to peek out again with a high that's barely scratching 22 degrees amid more blustery conditions.

The latter half of the week hints at a return to milder weather, with the deep freeze slowly loosening its grip by Thursday when sunny skies and highs near 43 degrees make a comeback—although winds from the south could still whip up to 30 mph gusts offering a false sense of warmth before temperatures swing back down to 34 degrees that night. Minneapolis residents can look ahead to a more consistent upturn by the weekend, with sunny forecasts and highs climbing to a comfortable 60 degrees by Saturday, sans the dramatic swings of earlier in the week, such winds at a calmer 10 to 15 mph should make for an ideal cap to a week that's been a meteorological roller-coaster.