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Published on March 01, 2024
Bloomington's Annual Arbor Day Tree Sale Invites Residents to Grow Urban CanopySource: City of Bloomington

Calling all tree huggers — it's that time of the year Bloomington folks roll up their sleeves to beef up the city's green canopy! In a push that's been going strong for nearly two decades, the City of Bloomington's annual Arbor Day tree sale is upon us, offering residents a chance to order bare-root trees that won't break the bank. These saplings, which are to be delivered in the first week of May, are part of a plan to put down new roots in the urban jungle and keep the Tree City USA title shining bright for the city.

This year's initiative marks the 17th consecutive year Bloomington has encouraged its citizens to plant a tree or five — yes, that's the limit per household, making sure there's enough to go around. Eager tree planters can go online, send a snail mail, or even make a good old-fashioned phone call to seal the deal on their new leafy family members, and while you're checking out those trees to plant you'll find all the dirt on how to plant and care for your new chlorophyll friends on the city's website. Helping out isn't just a way to do Mother Nature a solid; it's practically a civic duty.

Since this leafy initiative has taken root, more than 3,000 trees have stretched their branches skyward in the city, according to a statement from the city's website. That's a whole lot of breathing air courtesy of Bloomington's green-thumbed residents thanks to this tree sale, which by the way, isn't just about selling trees, it's about building community and making the concrete jungle a little less, well, concrete.

Residents looking to participate in this green-thumb gala can visit blm.mn/treesale to get the scoop on available species and pre-purchase their botanical bounty, or for those who prefer the analog approach, the order form can be found below — yes, you can actually fill out a form with a pen and send it through the mail, old-school style, or just call 952-563-8760 to get it sorted and while you're at it — get some tips at blm.mn/forestry on how to turn your yard into a Floridian paradise sans the palm trees. So, whether you've got a single shady spot just begging for a maple or room for an oak to sprawl, Bloomington's Arbor Day tree sale has got you covered.