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Published on March 04, 2024
Burnsville Honors First Responders with "Homage" Sculpture by Local Artist Mary Pat LutzSource: City of Burnsville, Minnesota

The Burnsville Community Foundation has commissioned a sculpture honoring the city's public safety teams that will temporarily grace the memorial site at City Hall. The artwork, titled "Homage," is the brainchild of local artist Mary Pat Lutz. It features three life-sized bronze figures — a firefighter, a paramedic, and a police officer — poised in action.

According to an announcement on the City of Burnsville's Facebook page, the sculpture embodies the community's gratitude to those who serve and protect. The dedication sees Lutz's creations "meant to convey the spirit of reaching out and protecting those who need help," the city boasted, the work our public safety teams do every day.

"Homage" seeks to honor not just current but also past members of the public safety squads. The decision by the Burnsville Community Foundation to fund the installation underscores a recognition that, in these times, showing appreciation through art resonates as much as any spoken or written word. Lutz, through her craft, gives form to the city's collective respect for its protectors.

The tribute will invite onlookers not only to admire the aesthetic prowess of the installation but, perhaps more critically, to reflect on the men and women who don their uniforms with valor and commitment. In a statement obtained by the City of Burnsville's Facebook page, the foundation heralds the sculpture as a gift to the City — enshrining a token of collective memory and gratitude in bronze. The sculpture, they say represents the Burnsville Community Foundation's investment in both the arts and the valorous souls who stake their lives for the community's well-being.

As "Homage" prepares to stand sentinel outside Burnsville City Hall, it will no doubt become a local landmark, where residents can come to pay respects, or simply marvel at how bronze work can embody the community spirit of service and sacrifice. For now, the date of the sculpture's installation awaits announcement, leaving many to anticipate the day they can see Burnsville's commitment to its heroes solidified in metal and memory.