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Published on March 02, 2024
MOD Pizza Settles for $80,000 with Seattle Office of Labor Standards Over Scheduling ViolationsSource: Google Street View

Seattle's MOD Pizza is slicing out a hefty chunk of dough again for allegedly playing fast and loose with employee scheduling laws. In a recent settlement with the city's Office of Labor Standards (OLS), the pizza chain agreed to pay $80,000 to employees and cough up an additional $622.85 in fines, according to the City of Seattle.

The violation centers around MOD Pizza's University District location, having not provided workers with work schedules 14 days in advance as mandated. Speaking about the power dynamics at play, a MOD Pizza worker expressed, "I really appreciate the work the Office of Labor Standards has done in this case and in others to stand up for workers’ rights. Often times we feel powerless on the job, but it doesn’t have to be that way. And asserting your rights at the workplace is one of the ways you can begin to change that," Seattle News reported.

This isn't the first time MOD Pizza has been caught underbaking its scheduling practices. They've previously settled for $12,300.00 to 30 impacted workers for a similar infringement. Staying true to the essence of fairness, OLS Director Steven Marchese emphasized the importance of advance notice for schedules, "A predictable schedule is key for workers. The Secure Scheduling Ordinance was implemented to guarantee advance notice. OLS takes violations of the Secure Scheduling Ordinance and all Seattle labor standards seriously, particularly repeat offenses, as businesses owe their employees fair scheduling practices. OLS is committed to collaboration, offering free training and technical assistance to help businesses comply and succeed," he said in a statement shining light on the crux of the matter.

MOD Pizza boasts more than 20,000 employees globally, with several outlets operating in Seattle. The settlement reiterates the city's stance on enforcing labor standards, ensuring businesses like MOD Pizza remember to place their employees' rights on the menu as a mainstay, not a side dish.