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Published on March 03, 2024
Richardson Announces Third Annual Art Contest to Transform Traffic Signal Boxes with 'Technology and Education' ThemeSource: Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Richardson is calling artists to transform ordinary traffic signal boxes into canvases of imagination once again, as submissions for their third annual art contest go live. The City of Richardson, in partnership with the Richardson Rotary Club, invites creatives of all ages to put brush to box, with this year's theme being 'Technology and Education'. Individuals have until April 25 to dazzle the selection committee with their designs.

Richardson's streets are set to get a vibrant makeover, beautifying the burbs and showcasing local talent. According to the City of Richardson, Texas, Mayor Bob Dubey hailed the contest, “The Traffic Signal Box Art contest is a great way to showcase local artists and beautify our city at the same time." He further underlined the significance of the chosen theme, saying, “Technology and education is the perfect theme for this year’s contest." Richardson, known for its technological prowess and home to the University of Texas at Dallas, expects the theme to resonate with the city's character.

A maximum of creativity, adherence to theme, and artistic merit will decide the fate of submissions. A neat $200 prize, a certificate, and their designs splashed over the city's communication channels await the victors. Five winning artists will find their designs embellishing major intersections, from Alma Road and North Collins Boulevard to East Spring Valley Road and South St. Johns Drive.

From elementary sketches to PhD-level paintings, the open call has few restrictions. Keen participants should ensure their digital designs are original, and avoid using copyrighted imagery or traffic-related symbols. Signatures are permitted but artists should keep any wording to a minimum. The intention is to create designs suitable for the eyes of all city-goers. For more contest deets, artists can dial Kimberly Kort at 972-744-4213 or shoot an email to [email protected].

Starting back in spring 2022, the Traffic Signal Box Art Contest aligns with the City’s Public Art Master Plan, aiming to colorfully enhance city streetscapes while spotlighting Richardson's myriad of local artists. The collaborative effort spearheaded by the City of Richardson and the Richardson Kiwanis Club has been a hit, transforming utilitarian objects into public art installations.