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Published on March 31, 2024
San Jose Apartment Residents Evacuated After Mysterious Odor, 3 Hospitalized but No Lasting Harm DoneSource: Google Street View

Chaos erupted on a quiet San Jose street Saturday night when residents of an apartment building were forced to evacuate due to an unidentified, noxious odor. The San Jose Fire Department (SJFD) arrived on the scene at the 600 block of Leigh Ave following reports of the mysterious stench. In a swift response, the SJFD, assisted by the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) and Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), promptly evacuated the premises, according to a post from the SJFD.

The alarming incident sent three individuals to the hospital after they experienced minor respiratory irritation. While the cause of the commotion was initially unknown, the SJFD hazmat and SJPD bomb squad conducted thorough investigations to ensure public safety. Despite the concerning circumstances, nothing suspicious was found in the building, and residents were allowed to re-enter their apartments around 1 AM, as described in an X post by the SJPD Public Information Officer.

The local hospital where the victims were taken has not released their current conditions. However, they were transported as a precaution, according to KRON4. Officers and firefighters worked into the early hours to decontaminate the area, and VTA assisted with the evacuations.

As the smell wafted through the halls, the neighborhood felt the tension of the unknown, unsure what to make of the heavy scent weighing upon their community. But in the end, no lasting harm was done. After the hazmat team of the SJFD gave the all-clear, life in the 600 block of Leigh Ave returned to normal.