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Published on March 30, 2024
Sunnyvale DPS Issues Wet Weather Driving Warnings After Driver Escapes Rollover Accident UnscathedSource: Sunnyvale DPS

Following a vehicle rollover in Sunnyvale, the local Department of Public Safety has cautioned drivers to take extra care due to stormy weather set to drench the area all weekend.

At 3:26 p.m. on the incident date, Sunnyvale DPS fire crews were called to the scene at Central Expressway over North Wolfe Road, where a car had flipped. The driver was reported to be trapped inside, prompting a swift and intense rescue operation. Fire Engine 42 and additional units, including Fire Truck 43, which arrived to help, stabilized the vehicle and removed the roof using a 'Jaws of Life' Hurst tool to extricate the driver, according to the Sunnyvale DPS's X post.

The driver was reportedly lucky to escape with non-life-threatening injuries. But the accident serves as a stark reminder of the perils faced by motorists during adverse weather conditions. The Sunnyvale DPS took the opportunity to release a set of wet weather driving tips, encouraging people to slow down, avoid sudden maneuvers, and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

With rain pounding the pavement, making the roads treacherous, "It takes longer to stop on wet roads, so give yourself plenty of time to brake," the Sunnyvale DPS wrote, underlining the increased risk of losing vehicle control in slippery conditions. Motorists were advised against hard braking and sharp turns to prevent skidding and were cautioned to watch for hazards like puddles that could lead to hydroplaning. "Leave extra space between you and the car in front of you. This will give you more time to react if they brake suddenly," the public safety department advised, emphasizing the gravity of taking such safety precautions.

In the event of hydroplaning, the Sunnyvale DPS recommends removing the foot from the accelerator and steering into the skid without the use of brakes, a critical maneuver that could mean the difference between a close call and a collision. Drivers in Sunnyvale and across regions expecting wet weather are urged to heed these warnings, ensuring the community's safety amid the storms.