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Published on March 01, 2024
Vallejo Police Investigate City's Third Homicide After Male Victim Fatally Shot on Alabama StreetSource: Google Street View

Tragedy struck the streets of Vallejo once more as residents are left to grapple with the city's third homicide of the year. During the somber hours of Wednesday evening, the Vallejo Police Department was beckoned to the scene of a grave shooting that claimed the life of an adult male. The incident, which unfolded near the intersection of Alabama Street and Butte Street around 7:08 P.M.

Officers who hastily arrived to respond to the call found themselves confronted with the dire task to try and save a life slipping away before their eyes. Medical aid was rendered in desperate urgency until paramedics took the reins, but the victim's survival was not to be. He was pronounced deceased at the scene. The Vallejo Police Department's Detective Division arrived shortly after that, their presence signifying the beginning of a deep dive into the potentially tangled web of motives and circumstances that led to this shooting.

The identity of the man whose life was cut short remains under wraps, a piece of information held close by authorities until the Solano County Coroner's Office can duly inform his family. Those in the know or who might have witnessed this tragic event are implored to come forward with information that could illuminate this dark chapter. Detective Jarrett Tonn and Detective Daniel Callison are the designated points of contact for those willing to speak, their contact information made publicly available for this very purpose.

Public queries about the case should be directed to the Public Information Officer, Sgt. Rashad Hollis, who stands ready to field questions and provide updates as they become available. As the investigation forges ahead, the community and law enforcement hope to bring closure to the incident.

Visit the Vallejo Police Department's Facebook page for the original announcement and further details regarding this ongoing investigation.