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Published on April 02, 2024
Athens-Clarke County Continues Leaf and Limb Collection in Area A Through First Week of AprilSource: Unsplash/ Gene Gallin

The Athens-Clarke County leaf and limb crews are set to keep on sweeping through Area A to collect yard waste during the first week of April. As the neighborhoods prepare to tidy up their lawns after the winter season, the Solid Waste Department stands ready to assist with their regular pickup schedules that began on Monday, April 1, and are continuing through Friday, April 5.

This scheduled pickup service is part of the county's ongoing effort to maintain clean and safe neighborhoods. Residents unsure of when their yard waste will be collected can easily reach out to the Solid Waste Department at 706-613-3501 ext. 0. The customer service team is expected to quickly and efficiently guide individuals regarding their specific leaf and limb zone.

In addition to phone assistance, community members have the option to search an address on an interactive online map. This tool, accessible from the comfort of one's home, readily indicates which zone a property falls under. As per an official statement on the ACC Government website, the map is designed to simplify the process for residents and to ensure that no yard waste is left behind.

Initiatives like these underscore the civic engagement that ACC places in sustaining its local environment. It's an invitation for residents to participate actively in the cleanliness of their community and to seamlessly integrate this practice into their routines. Those who have yet to take advantage of the service are encouraged to do so before the week concludes.