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Published on April 02, 2024
Chicago Police Department Targets Impaired Driving in Chicago Lawn with DUI Saturation Patrol This WeekendSource: Chicago Police Department

Drivers in Chicago Lawn be warned: The Chicago Police Department is ramping up efforts to crack down on impaired driving this weekend. A DUI Saturation Patrol is set to take place from Friday, April 5, 2024, at 6 p.m. to Saturday, April 6, at 2 a.m., focusing on motorists who are driving under the influence, along with other traffic violations, such as speeding and seat belt infractions.

The initiative is designed to not only aggressively to target potential violators but also to ensure public safety by emphasizing adherence to traffic laws. The saturation patrol will involve roving officers equipped with speed detection gear ready to pull over speeding drivers. Information about the patrol was detailed on the Chicago Police Department's website.

Moreover, the Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) Mobile Unit may be utilized. This unit streamlines the process of charging individuals with DUI offenses by conducting on-site testing and administering Individual Recognizance Bonds, potentially speeding up the turnover from arrest to bonding.

To give an idea of what to expect, the DUI patrol held in the 19th (Town Hall) District last weekend saw a total of 51 citations issued, highlighting a variety of offenses. The tally included 17 unsafe vehicle violations and 9 insurance violations, as well as 1 speed-related citation. However, no DUI charges were reported. While such efforts aim to pre-emptively keep drunken drivers off the roads, there's also a clear signal being sent to adhere strictly to traffic regulations across the board.