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Published on April 13, 2024
Dallas Residents to Face Temporary Utility Service Interruption During DWU MaintenanceSource: Flickr / Luis Tamayo

Residents and visitors in Dallas are set to face a minor disruption in services this Sunday, as the City of Dallas has announced a system maintenance shutdown for the Dallas Water Utilities (DWU). The scheduled maintenance will take place on April 14, from the wee hours of 3 a.m. to the mid-afternoon at 3 p.m., during which time customers will be in a bind, unable to make online payments via DallasGo, or over the phone to DWU, according to the City of Dallas.

For those looking to settle their utility bills during this interval, alternative payment options are available, and details can be found on the DWU website. Inconveniences are a dime a dozen, but the city hopes residents will pardon the interruption as it works to improve services.

In less disruptive news, Dallas Park and Recreation gave the green light to water recreation activities at White Rock Lake last month. The lake, long a retreat for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts within the urban sprawl, was declared safe by the DWU after the latest water sampling results came back within acceptable levels. Park-goers are once more engaging in their favorite pastimes: fishing, boating, and rowing.

It's not all about utilities and recreation, though; Dallas is also nurturing its cultural roots. Mayor Eric Johnson designated Dr. Mag Gabbert as the city's second Poet Laureate in a special ceremony at City Hall. Alongside her, Naisha Randhar has been graced with the Youth Poet Laureate title, both poets are now tasked with the mission to suffuse the city's schools and public forums with the power of verse, an honor.

Dallas, a metropolitan beacon in the heart of Texas, continues to invest in infrastructure and the arts, not just maintaining balance, but promoting growth and vibrant community life, and while, system upgrades and poetic appointments might seem worlds apart, both serve a vision of a city unafraid to renew and reimagine itself for the future of all its residents.