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Published on April 12, 2024
Duncanville Homeowner's Backyard Discovery Leads to Bomb Squad ScrambleSource: Source: Google Street View

A backyard dig in Duncanville, Texas, turned explosive when a resident stumbled upon a missile-shaped object, prompting a swift response from local law enforcement and bomb squad experts on April 11, confirmed the Duncanville Police Department, as per the City of Duncanville.

The homeowner, digging in the 1300 block of Circle Drive at 4:28 p.m., contacted the cops after making the discovery, and they in turn, advised an immediate evacuation of the property; nearby residents were soon ushered to safety as a section of the roadway was also shut down, as circles of caution widened beyond the confines of the home front shrouded in American history and the silent potential of its made-in-USA lethality. The Dallas Police Department's Bomb Squad got the call, responding to the scene posthaste as medics from the Duncanville Fire Department stood by.

Upon assessing the situation, the Bomb Squad discovered the object was indeed a live artillery shell—its origins whispered stories of battlefields long past, as the former homeowner, a U.S. veteran, was said to have likely interred the munition years prior. The x-rayed revelation of its live status was conferred to the United States Air Force’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal team for appropriate handling.

The recovery operation unfolded under a twilight cloak with Bomb Squad presence recorded at approximately 6:25 p.m.; and while the shadow of danger that had crept up on this Texan homestead now yielded to the hands of military EOD expertise, the Duncanville Police Department insisted in their release that, "We do not believe there is an ongoing risk to the public," a sentiment echoing through a community momentarily hushed by the specter of sudden, violent eruption, as the Duncanville soil relinquished its wartime relic to the cold grasp of modern-day bomb technicians.

With the scene still branded as active at the time of reporting, updates were ensured to be forthcoming, staving off the breathless anticipation of a narrative poised on the knife's edge between suburban tranquility and the disruptive echoes of war. The authorities have pledged that further developments will be communicated, maintaining an open line with the citizenry as the echoes of past conflicts are given a gentle resting place, far from the quiet daily rhythms of Circle Drive.