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Published on April 02, 2024
Fairfield Woman Arrested on Suspicion in Assault of Homeless Woman on San Francisco's Shotwell StreetSource: Google Street View

San Francisco's Shotwell Street was the scene of a violent altercation this weekend when a homeless woman was reportedly attacked by what locals identified as sex workers. The incident, which erupted into a physical confrontation, was caught on camera by a concerned neighbor and has inflamed tensions in the neighborhood, as reported by The SF Standard.

The disturbing footage shows two females waking up a woman who was sleeping in her minivan and demanding to use the space. When the woman, who wished to remain anonymous due to fear of reprisals, refused, one of the attackers dragged her by her hair and proceeded to punch and kick her repeatedly. In a text, the victim conveyed to The SF Standard, "These women are dangerous. They're aggressive. If you ask them to leave, they jump you."

A 24-year-old woman from Fairfield was subsequently arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after police officers found someone matching the assailant's description nearby. The police confirmed the arrest, marking a serious response to what residents are describing as an escalating issue in the area.

Local resident Ayman Farahat has been at the forefront of calls for increased security measures on Shotwell Street, starting a petition for the deployment of license plate reading cameras to deter criminal activities linked to the sex trade. According to The SF Standard's coverage, Farahat has amassed 200 signatures already, hoping the technology will "send a signal to the criminals engaging in the trafficking of women and girls that they are no longer safe to operate freely in our residential neighborhood."

The issue of sex work and associated violence isn't new to the locals of Shotwell Street. As the neighborhood wrestles with the impact of barricades erected on Capp Street displacing sex workers to adjacent areas, the residents find themselves caught in the middle of a debate on how best to address the problem. Trevor Chandler, a candidate running to represent the area, pinpoints the need for fully staffing the police department as part of the solution. "First is we actually have true penalties for the johns and the pimps. Because we are so understaffed in our police department, we don’t have the coverage to fully staff our human trafficking and sex trafficking divisions," he said in a statement obtained by KRON4.

Supervisor Hillary Ronen, representing the Mission District, has advocated for both increased lighting and police presence and suggested the decriminalization of sex work with designated zones away from residential areas. However, these proposed measures seem yet to take root as fearful residents continue to navigate the risks posed by an overwhelmed social milieu. The Mayor's Office has not provided comments on the matter.